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Let us find an opportunity that works for you

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After serving our country, job searching can be difficult. We’re proud to give veterans a purposeful career path and the chance to grow, learn, and lead.

Let us find an opportunity that works for you

Finding a great job can be tough.

  • Wasting countless hours looking for open positions that interest you.
  • Filling out job applications and never getting a response.
  • Being treated like a number, not a person.
  • Paying a percentage of your earnings just to get hired.
  • Being pushed into jobs that aren’t a good fit for you.
  • Feeling pressured to settle for whatever job you can get.
  • Having to find money to pay up-front fees you can’t afford with no guarantees.
  • Simply giving up because you feel stuck and on your own in a losing fight.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Bane Staffing makes it easy to find a good job.

Simplify your search with Bane Staffing.

We don’t have hidden fees or charges
We make it easy for you
We’ll help you succeed at every step
We care about helping you
You decide what you want to do
Get working and get paid

Real results for real people.

"I have been working for Bane Staffing on and off now for more than 13 years, and they've always showed me courtesy, and they always tried to find me the best fit. My daughter got in a car accident two weeks after started a job and they let me keep it, even though it took me 10 days to get back to work. That says a lot! Thanks, Bane Staffing – you're awesome! Thank you very much for everything, especially during this time of covid-19!"

Jason Wright, Employee
"The hiring process for Bane Staffing was so simple. Filled out a little paperwork with help from Bane and went to work ASAP. They have never messed up a paycheck either. Very thankful to have went through them and now I am getting hired on at a great company. Thank you, Bane Staffing."
Jeremy Miller, Employee
"I really like working for you guys great company to go through if in need of a job. When I was in need of a job, they found me a job asap and I appreciate them for helping me find a job to provide for me and my family."
Sam Scales, Employee
"I absolutely love the job I was assigned to! It was not at all what I was expecting. I work with so many great people that it does not even make work seem like work sometimes. Also, Bane Staffing made the hiring process so easy. Bane has helped me out a lot I appreciate it!!!!"
Cameron Durbin, Employee
Bane Staffing

We make it easy for you to find a great job.

Our simple process and helpful team make finding a job easy. We’re here to help at every step. Get started today!

Caring, professional staffing experts.

For over 20 years Bane Staffing has been helping good people find great jobs. We are experts in professional staffing, but what truly sets us apart from others in the industry is our dedication to truly helping people. We care about every client, every applicant, and every employee, and we always treat people with dignity and respect. You too can join the thousands of satisfied job seekers we’ve helped find great jobs!

Have questions?

Have questions?

We’re here to help. The Frequently Asked Questions on our job seekers page has answers to common job seeker questions.

Current job postings

Current job postings

We’ve got jobs and we’re looking to fill them with the right people, right now.

We help employers simplify staffing, save time, and save money.

Good people are an essential part of every great business, but finding, hiring, and managing them can be challenging. It’s not easy to grow your business and deal with never ending tasks like recruiting, retention, training, payroll, workers’ compensation, and labor relations.