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4 Keys to Writing a Remarkable Resume

December 3, 2020 By Alexis Burnham

Job hunting can be stressful. From the logistical details – researching prospective employers, preparing references, mock interviews with friends and family – it’s no wonder people tend to recycle their last resume while adding their latest work experience. 

Our first tip? If you’re trying to land your dream job, or even just a significantly better one, take the time to create a freshly polished resume that is going to captivate recruiters and hiring managers. Here are three tips to boost your resume skills: 

  1. Amplify Your Impact 
    1. The majority of your resume should amplify your work experience. List your most recent job to your oldest job and take a results-driven approach to describe your duties and accomplishments. Show off projects that you absolutely rocked, or any quotas met or exceeded.  
  2. Uniquely You
    1. Read the job description and highlight talents that are relevant to the position or company. Organizations love to see a complete picture of potential employees so you can also share hobbies that are relevant to the position and the skillset needed to succeed. 
  3. Proofread!
    1. Hiring managers are sorting through dozens of applicants daily so sending in a resume with spelling and grammatical goofs could lessen your chances of getting hired! 
    2. Look out for things like:
  • “Skills: Excel at working within a tea-oriented culture.”
  • “Work history: My last employer fried me for no reason.”

Referees available by request.”