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Leaving your job? Here’s how to answer why

December 3, 2020 By Alexis Burnham

Common interview questions like, “what’s your greatest weakness?” or “why are you leaving your current job?” are incredibly intense questions that can feel hard to answer in the moment. However, a strong response can drastically increase your chances of getting hired. On the opposite end, a weak response can drastically decrease the odds of getting hired. 

Firstly, why do employers ask, “Why are you leaving your current job?”? It’s to gain better understanding of your career goals as they asses if you’ve departed on good or bad terms. 

So, what are good reasons for leaving a job?  Here are three responses that demonstrate your work ethic and readiness to grow: 

  1. More responsibility and better career growth — Not being given the opportunity to grow and learn in your current role is an admirable reason to depart from an organization. It tells hiring managers you’ve prioritized your development and employers know the positive impact of hiring someone who wants to grow. 
  2. Better work–life balance — Now more than ever, employers know that offering a good work-life balance leads to better performance. This interview answer is extremely common as it is valid, so be prepared to share what work-life balance means to you. 
  3. A career change — Wanting to change careers doesn’t make you less reliable, or flakey. Sharing with your hiring manager that you’re searching for interesting and meaningful work can showcase your drive and commitment to your goals. Be prepared to answer questions about how you’re going to deal with the change. 

The key to success, with any goal, is preparation. Taking the time to practice answering “Why are you leaving your job?” will help you get hired in and nail the interview with confidence!